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Product History

autopilot wooden1974 - 1975 CM100

One of the first CM100's in a Dovetail Wooden Box.

world's first autopilot with course memory1975-1979 CM100

World's first autopilot with a course memory - the vessel would steer automatically to any course selected. Other autopilots required the vessel to be steering within 45 degrees of the course before engaging. Light sensing internal card compass. Proportional and counter rudder steering control. Early CM100's used relay drive switching which was later changed to transistor switching in the CM100A.




1979-1984 CM200

Improved compass sensing to handle high speed vessels.






1981-1988 CM300

World's first digital logic autopilot incorporating a fluxgate compass. Also the world's first autopilot to interface to a transit satellite navigator using the CM304 Course Programmer.







Simplified version of the CM300 using touch pad controls.






Microprocessor control and NMEA0183 interface to transit satellite navigators, GPS and wind instruments. High power FET drive switching. One model 11-32 volts.






Simplified compact version of the CM500 with only 6 keys to control all functions.







Replacement for the very popular CM500 with a large graphics display. Improvements to electronics to accommodate poor power supplies on vessels and radio frequency interference (RFI).







1993-1997 CM400

Small low cost autopilot for vessels up to 12m (40').







1996-1999 CM550

Upgrade to CM450 but using a course change knob.








1998-2000 CM420

Upgrade to CM400 using silicon keys for improved tactile feel and reliability.







Modern styling and large graphics display with rudder angle indicator and backlit silicon keys.







1998-2002 CM750

CM700 with the addition of a course change knob for easier control.






1999-Current CM650

Dedicated commercial autopilot with all controls, display, electronics and connections built into the one case. Simple knob control of all commonly used functions allows the autopilot to be easily controlled, even if using gloves. Large graphics display includes rudder angle indicator.






2002-2004 CM800

Incorporates all latest technology and features you need to hold a course in all sea conditions.






2002-2004 CM850

The difference between the CM800 and CM850 comes down to ...
whether you prefer to turn a knob to change course (CM850)
or to press buttons on a touch-control panel (CM800).






2003-Current CM80i

New CM80i autopilot for smaller powerboats with hydraulic steering. The intelligence built into the system means there is no need for a rudder feedback, and the system adjusts itself to suit boat speed and sea state. The CM80i autopilot received a finalist nomination at the METS international trade exhibition DAME awards in 2003.





2004-Current CM800i and CM850i

Autopilots with intelligent self-tuning software are popular on both sailing and powerboats. The CM850i autopilot features a course change knob and the CM800i uses a touch panel control.



2005-Current CM880

The CM880 commercial autopilot system 12-24V robust pilot designed to IMO standards for use on workboats, trawlers, and coastal freighters of 50 to 100 tonnes or more.





2005-Current CM85i

Whether racing solo around the world or cruising to your favourite anchorage, the new CM85i autopilot with intelligent, self-tuning software features all the latest technology in a compact waterproof case that matches most instruments.




2008-Current CM82i

All the intelligent software features of the popular CM80i autopilot (released in 2003) in a compact 110 x. 110mm waterproof case that matches most instruments. The CM82i autopilot - without rudder feedback unit - is suitable for powerboats with outboards or sterndrives of 5m to 10m with hydraulic steering.

2011 - Current  CM950

The CM950's compact, panel-mount control head features the course change knob, simplified progressive menu access and interface with GPS and wind instruments. Also available for commercial vessels - both sail and power from 6m to 40m. The CM950 autopilot offers flexibility of drive options that include linear, hydraulic, rotary and solenoid.

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